All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing!!!
Links to help you research fluoridation.

EPA Union Letter to EPA Administration
Eleven EPA Unions sent a letter to EPA Administrator, Stephen L. Johnson, on August 5, 2005.  They request that the Maximum Contaminate Level Goal (MCLG) for fluoride in drinking water be set to zero.

EPA Union Letter to Congress
The EPA Unions also sent a letter to several Senate Committees and House Committees and Sub-Committees to expose a Bone Cancer-Fluoridation Cover-Up.

Preventative Dental Health Association
This Dental Health Association calls fluoridation a 50 year old blunder and cover-up.  It lists several harmful effects of fluoridation and offers very credible references.

Keepers of the Well
This site is maintained by the Citizens for Safe Drinking Water.  It tracks legal and professional events that deal with fluoridation.

Fluoride Action Network
Find the latest news from the front lines of the fight against fluoridation.  You will see stories here that you won't see on the evening news.

Facts & Cover-ups This site lists 150 facts, horror stories and cover-ups about fluoride and fluoridation. 

Zero Waste
Learn about the overdosing of Americans on fluoride and the dangers associated with too much fluoride.  This site links to a lot of credible research on fluoride. 

New York Coalition Against Fluoride
Learn the truth about the so-called benefits of fluoridation.  The NYCAF shows that not only is fluoridation not safe, it is also not effective.

The Fluoride Risk
This site by the Mountain View California Citizens for Safe Drinking Water not only shows some of the risks of fluoride, it also shows you how your are getting fluoride from sources you may not suspect.

Medical Ethics
Douglas W. Cross and Robert J. Carlton, PHD explore the medical ethics of mass medication with fluoride through the water supply.  (PDF page)

The Nuremberg Code
One of the things that came out of the Nuremberg War Crime Trials after World War II was the Nuremberg Code.  It deals with the ethics of scientific experimentation on human beings.  Compare this to forcing people to use fluoridated water against their will. 

Government Approved Poisoning
This site has nitty gritty details of how and why governments allow fluoridation.  Lies, trickery and deceit keep it going, and who benefits?  The companies that supply the toxic waste used in fluoridation.  (PDF page)

Earth Island When you go to this site, type fluoride in the search window.  It will bring up some interesting pages on fluoride.

Fluoride Education Project
This Canadian site is presented by Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children (PFPC).  Learn the symptoms of fluoride poisoning, and much more.

Fluorides & Fluoridation
This site has a lot of information about the hazards of fluoride.  It will give you a good reality check.

Toxic Chemicals in Your Water
This site describes many of the diseases and conditions caused by too much fluoride.  Facts are backed up with research data.

Analytical Chronology of Fluoridation
For the dedicated researcher, this site sells an extensive analytical research project with full references for $25.


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